Monday, August 31, 2009


This is the parish in Christchurch. Built in the 11th century they just celebrated their 900th anniversary! Incredible!
I was so impressed with the beautiful architecture....such an impressive structure for the dark ages. It was interesting as well that all the tiles you walk on through the halls of the church are grave covers engraved with the names and epitaph of people from all ages of time. A little creepy but kind of cool.
There is a small museum in an upstairs room, you have to walk up a ton of stone stairs in this little tiny tower to get there. This is the view of the cemetery from one of the small windows in the tower. I stayed for a while and listened to a small prayer service by one of the priests and then a short walk from there when to the water front marina.
You can see that there is a great little path all along the water front. It was a beautiful day so there were lots of people out. You can see there as well all those white swans. There were huge beautiful swans everywhere. They also had this great little playground, you would have loved seeing it mom. I though about taking a picture to send to you but I am certain that all the cool stuff there is probably illegal in the states now....bummer....
That was pretty much all there was to see in Christchurch so I headed back to Bournemouth. In the main park there was a little secluded area where local artist displayed their art (some very impressive) and a little aviary of rescued birds - what a cool park and then continued on to the open grassy area where the local brass band was putting on a concert. It was so nice to enjoy the fleeting summer and enjoy the music.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swanage part 2 --(see part one below!)

Here was the path marking to get to Old Harry's rock. I thought it was a little creepy that it looks like a head stone
There it is....Old Harry's. Really beautiful white cliffs, I think they are of quartz, I am sure it is really beautiful to see them from the ocean
I ate my lunch there right on the cliffs. Just thougth I would include this one to make you a little uncomfortable mom!!
I started walking at about 1:15 and got back to town at about 5.....(of course on the way back I was reading a mystery novel and ended up taking a long detour) but I felt I deserved a little classic fish and chips. It was very literally a big old fish on chips. Very tasty!
Just one little jem I saw on the return trip to Bournemouth. Corfe Castle, a thousand year old castle that was destroyed during the English civil war. Cool!!! Do these people realize how cool that is! Anyway, it was a pretty sweet day. I felt very english roaming around those fields. I am enjoying all the new things that I am seeing, but I am missing all the familiar things. I have hardly talked to anyone today....weird. Anyway, dreamy day.


Swanage...on the coast about an hour away from Bournemouth...small beach town. Local holiday location. Beautiful old city. I took a bus there today. One of those double decker buses, sat on top in the front. The ride was half the fun, it was an incredible drive. I did recieve an interesting tip from an old man while I was waiting for the bus. He advised me as a girl traveling alone that I should get a small stick and if someone were to come an attack me that I should poke the stick right into his belly button.... thank you sir...
Once I got there I decided to take the foot path over to these beautiful white cliffs and rocks. The rock is called Old Harry's rock. So I set out up this little path...
Once I got onto the path I found that most of it was lined by wild blackberry bushes. Very tasty! I have an incling as I think about it now that maybe it is not ok to eat them. I saw a lot of other people on the trail....none of them eating the berries. I plead ignorance and really enjoyed them, kind of reminded me of eating blackberries at Aunt Karens old house in Washington.
Here I am at the top of a ridge, you can see the foot path as it runs right along the edge of that big field, can you see all those happy cows on the right. I felt just like Elizabeth Bennett walking through those fields.
You can see the white cliffs in the background. I was happy to see these little sheepies grazing.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Starting "uni"

I started my Overseas Nursing Program at Bournmouth University today. The building is there in the background. Story behind this picture... I stopped into a little market before class started to get some breakfast. I got this yogurt of the shelf, but once I opened it I thought it tasted a bit plain. Turns out it was cream! I had a good laugh over that. One huge perk of being in school again...student discount card!!!
The main benefit of class today was meeting other nurses with nothing else to do for a while. We wandered down by the beach for a while, a beautiful but windy day. Just happy to have sunshine.
Here they are. Hannah from Australia and Renee from Canada. We are in the gardens in the center of town here.
Here is the view from my little attic window, how charming. I came back here this evening and did some of my homework for the class. At about 9pm (1pm California time) I got really tired and assumed that since I haven't slept well for about 4 days that I would sleep through the night. Nope, turned out to be just an afternoon nap. I woke up about 11pm ready to go. I chatted with Charlie and Loren (my salvation!) and now just trying to talk myself into sleep...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Goodbye Cali, Hello UK!

So two night before I left Cassie secretly organized all of my favorite girlfriends in San Diego for a suprise Olive Garden dinner. Best gift ever!! Thanks theres Danielle, Janette, Cassie, Holly, Monica, Sally, Suzy, Heather, Kat, Jenna and Maren.... oh yeah and one of my favorite guys from SD, Peter is behind the camera. Love you guys!

Then the next night, Robyn and Sarah organized a going away dinner for me at Cafe Coyote in Old Town....delicious! So theres Katie, Ron, Grace and Sara and Mike and (oops space her name!!! sorry!) and Sarah and Me and Byron and Louie - all favories. After Dinner I started the drive home. Home was fantastic! I relaxed and got ready to go. Hung out with Andrea and pocket. Dad and I rode 45 miles through Yokyl Valley and met mom and Andrea for lunch in Springville for lunch - fantastic, then we played a sweet tennis match where Andrea and I dominated Dad and Mom despite their best efforts against us!
Then off to the UK. Trip started at 3am on Sunday, flight to Atlanta then another to Heathrow, then a train to Bournemouth. Here I am with my travel companion/backpack. I have a feeling we are going to become very close
And this is where the travel ends for today. I know one english person in London, James, I showed him around this summer in San Diego, so I called him when I got here and he said he had an acquaintance that lived here so, he called her up and then I called her and she said that I could stay at a house her dad ownes in Poole (right next to Bournemouth). Three mormon guys live here. So here is my little attic space - I cannot tell you how greatful I am for the church which connected me to James who connected me to Charlotte, who connected me to Loren and his girlfriend Charlie - who have completly taken me under their wing. I wish the greatest blessings of heaven upon them - saved my life tonight.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday was my last free day in San Diego. Had to live it up. Started with breakfast on the water in Pacific Beach with Danielle and Cassie. Then went to LaJolla Shores with another good friend, Katie. The water was warm and blue and we boogie boarded and I surfed, I think I am finally getting the hang of it now that I am leaving!...
That night Katie and another friend Dave and I went to the horse races in Del Mar...classic. Then...
....not so classic but free after the races, a Flaming Lips concert. I didn't run out and buy their cd afterwards or anything, but it was quite an experience. What a great way to spend the day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Well, I have just entered into the world of blogging! Brits been giving me all her expert advice and I'm a little overwhelmed but very excited to get started. I am leaving for London on August 23rd, so you won't hear much from me for now but stick with me until then and things should get interesting!