Monday, August 24, 2009

Goodbye Cali, Hello UK!

So two night before I left Cassie secretly organized all of my favorite girlfriends in San Diego for a suprise Olive Garden dinner. Best gift ever!! Thanks theres Danielle, Janette, Cassie, Holly, Monica, Sally, Suzy, Heather, Kat, Jenna and Maren.... oh yeah and one of my favorite guys from SD, Peter is behind the camera. Love you guys!

Then the next night, Robyn and Sarah organized a going away dinner for me at Cafe Coyote in Old Town....delicious! So theres Katie, Ron, Grace and Sara and Mike and (oops space her name!!! sorry!) and Sarah and Me and Byron and Louie - all favories. After Dinner I started the drive home. Home was fantastic! I relaxed and got ready to go. Hung out with Andrea and pocket. Dad and I rode 45 miles through Yokyl Valley and met mom and Andrea for lunch in Springville for lunch - fantastic, then we played a sweet tennis match where Andrea and I dominated Dad and Mom despite their best efforts against us!
Then off to the UK. Trip started at 3am on Sunday, flight to Atlanta then another to Heathrow, then a train to Bournemouth. Here I am with my travel companion/backpack. I have a feeling we are going to become very close
And this is where the travel ends for today. I know one english person in London, James, I showed him around this summer in San Diego, so I called him when I got here and he said he had an acquaintance that lived here so, he called her up and then I called her and she said that I could stay at a house her dad ownes in Poole (right next to Bournemouth). Three mormon guys live here. So here is my little attic space - I cannot tell you how greatful I am for the church which connected me to James who connected me to Charlotte, who connected me to Loren and his girlfriend Charlie - who have completly taken me under their wing. I wish the greatest blessings of heaven upon them - saved my life tonight.


EmF said...

How AWESOME of an adventure!!! I am SUPER SUPER excited to read more. Good luck with it all!
xo cousin!

Danielle said...

And so it begins!!! AHHH!! What a freaking awesome adventure so far! I am awaiting your next post with eagerness!!

Marcilyn said...

girl i wish i was there with you. why couldn't we coordinate a little better :)

robynp said...

Hey Denise! Sorry I missed your party in Old Town. My mom made a surprise visit. Really wish I could have come. Your pics are awesome! We miss you!