Saturday, February 12, 2011

Weekend with Grandpa

This weekend Kate and Veda and I all went to SB to hang out with Grandpa.....lookin' good!

We did the best thing humanly possible in SB and went to the beach. It was such a nice day! Mid 70's, not a cloud in the sky. Here's the girls being cute and Taylor being crazy as usual!

Besides being with Grandpa it was really nice to be with some of my favorite cousins as well.
I'm so lucky to get so much of them in my life right now!

It was also really fun to hang out with my Mom and Patches. We took several long walks down the beach and we got to talk while Patches chased birds and made friends.

We stayed all the way until sunset and it was really stunning. Grandma Helen would have loved this one.

Tonight Grandpa took us all out to Wing's which is his favorite Chinese restaurant right near Hope Ranch. It was very tasty. As you can see it was a classy affair, as is so typical of us :)
....Jack is such a nut!
After we dropped Grandpa off we went to Montecito and got hot chocolate at Starbucks for Rebeka's 13th birthday.

Happy birthday Beckis! Although I'm pretty sure she has been a teenager since she learned how to walk:)

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Tonight we got a crew together to go country dancing at this place we had heard about in Temecula called Stampede. We all piled in the Suburban which made it even more fun.

Lookin' good ladies! The first little while they played country songs and there were lots of line dances and two step songs which was really fun. Some of those line dances are super hard!

In the middle of the night they put on some top 40 music to dance to and I got some great dancing shots.

Jordan came down from LA which was a treat.

Lookin' Good Jenna - Let me see your hands in the air!

Mel boot scoot and boogie'n

Veda let loose and had a great time.

Kate had some amazing dance moves.

Julie brought her ipod since she was pretty sure she would be bored - she was wrong! Had a great time!

Mitch was rocking the dance floor as usual

Before we left Kristen took a ride on the mechanical bull. So awesome!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Smelly Pillow

Tough day today - surprisingly. Ever since I can remember I have had the same pillow. It is called my smelly pillow and I carried it around everywhere when I was a kid and even when I got a little older. It comes on all my road trips and most vacations. It finally go to the point where it was too ratty to keep around, so today I threw it away. I was surprised at how sad I was - I even shed a few tears! I guess most kids carry a wooby or a stuffed animal which you eventually grow out of or are weaned off of by your parents. A pillow is not something you grow out of, and I realized today when I got rid of it that I hadn't grown out of it either. I feel like it is going to be tough to sleep for a little while with a strange pillow in my bed. Thanks smelly pillow for all the good times!