Monday, August 31, 2009


This is the parish in Christchurch. Built in the 11th century they just celebrated their 900th anniversary! Incredible!
I was so impressed with the beautiful architecture....such an impressive structure for the dark ages. It was interesting as well that all the tiles you walk on through the halls of the church are grave covers engraved with the names and epitaph of people from all ages of time. A little creepy but kind of cool.
There is a small museum in an upstairs room, you have to walk up a ton of stone stairs in this little tiny tower to get there. This is the view of the cemetery from one of the small windows in the tower. I stayed for a while and listened to a small prayer service by one of the priests and then a short walk from there when to the water front marina.
You can see that there is a great little path all along the water front. It was a beautiful day so there were lots of people out. You can see there as well all those white swans. There were huge beautiful swans everywhere. They also had this great little playground, you would have loved seeing it mom. I though about taking a picture to send to you but I am certain that all the cool stuff there is probably illegal in the states now....bummer....
That was pretty much all there was to see in Christchurch so I headed back to Bournemouth. In the main park there was a little secluded area where local artist displayed their art (some very impressive) and a little aviary of rescued birds - what a cool park and then continued on to the open grassy area where the local brass band was putting on a concert. It was so nice to enjoy the fleeting summer and enjoy the music.

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Katherine said...

Man, I am so excited for you. I love everything you're doing!