Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Halloween Ever!

This is my best Halloween ever! All my siblings were in town as well as cousins and friends. Who could ask for anything better!

Friday night we went to the boat dance here in San Diego. We took a harbor cruise around the San Diego Harbor which has an amazing view and danced the night away. So fun!

Then Saturday Night the midsingles had a party at the Ranch House which is this big old scary building up on the top of a deserted hill, also really great. It was pretty funny to take Andrea and Kelly to a midsingles dance. We really brought our own party and just needed a venue.

I had fun with my costume this year - a little unconventional - I was a voodoo doll. When we got to the party we realized that Darci and I were matching, so she was the one who felt my vengeance....perfect!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween at Disneyland

Today a bunch of cousins got together to go to Disneyland which is all decked out for Halloween!

The Haunted Mansion is so amazing at Halloween - on of my favorites for sure.

We got a couple of those huge turkey legs and shared them around....very tasty.

In the evening when Cubby got off work she brought us all food from el Pollo loco and we pigged out sitting right outside the park. We are always so classy!

I love all the love flying around that circle! This is just one demonstration of it

I would just like to thank Cubby for being alive - you can't beat this face!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Kara's Halloween Party

This is Kara. She works with me and Rosie. Her husband is Kermie. They hosted a great Halloween Party at their house.

It was really fun to hang out a bit from people from work outside of work.

Kara made all kinds of great food. We are eating some little finger cookies....yummy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

China Town

Today we went to china town.....and as you always do in china town we walked around and looked around at all the shops and had some great Chinese food.

We tried some wigs in one shop - amazing to see what you would look like with completely different hair - makes such a huge difference.

We went to a dumpling shop in town and had several kinds of authentic Chinese dumplings - very tasty!

Next we headed to Golden Gate park. We took a taxi which was super crazy! Our driver was crazy - basically talked the entire time about things we couldn't even follow. He did drive us through some really cool fancy neighborhoods though which was fun. Most things were closed in the park so we decided to walk through the Japanese gardens. They were really incredible!

Rosie's Birthday

Today is Rosie's birthday! So we have decided to make it the best San Francisco day ever! First stop, Alcatraz.

I have been to Alcatraz before, but it was just as impressive the second time around.

Then is was back to Fisherman's Wharf for more eating!!!

We got shrimp at Bubba Gumps on Pier 39. I'm making a Rosie face here - we reviewed some pictures and saw that the last 10 pictures she took she was making this face....haha.

We tried on lots of geeky glasses and hats.

Then more treats at the candy shop. Pretty much every flavor of salt water taffy.

Then we walked into downtown for a birthday dinner at the Stinking Rose. Everything in this restaurant is made with garlic - even the ice cream. It was all very tasty.

It was also decorated really well. I think Rosie had a really great birthday.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching up with Suzanne

Daren had to fly back to SLC today so he dropped us off in the city and we met up with Suzanne in Golden Gate Park.
Here she is with her boyfriend who she met at the grocery store....hehe....and seems really great. We went to a Van Gogh exhibit at the art museum. It was really incredible.

Then we went and had dinner at the Boudin bread factory at Fisherman's Wharf - so amazing! I think bread is my favorite food.

Then we walked over to the Ghiradelli Factory and got the yummiest sundae. Most of our tourist activity in SF included food, which was marvelous!! It was really great to catch up with Suzanne. I love catching up with close friends like her because it's like you can pick up right where we left off - no time lost. Love that girl!

Friday, October 1, 2010


This weekend mom and dad were at Squaw Creek resort in Tahoe for business meetings. Rosie, Daren and I took advantage to hang out with mom and dad and hang in their sweet hotel.

We did lots of relaxing, went on several bike rides, played tennis and sat in the hot tub every night.

One day we went into the little town near Tahoe to look at the shops and have some girl time.

We had some ice cream cones and got pedicures. It was a really great time. Poor dad had to fund the whole thing, so he spent a lot of time in meetings, but we did get to hang out with him in the evening. Thanks dad!