Thursday, August 27, 2009


Swanage...on the coast about an hour away from Bournemouth...small beach town. Local holiday location. Beautiful old city. I took a bus there today. One of those double decker buses, sat on top in the front. The ride was half the fun, it was an incredible drive. I did recieve an interesting tip from an old man while I was waiting for the bus. He advised me as a girl traveling alone that I should get a small stick and if someone were to come an attack me that I should poke the stick right into his belly button.... thank you sir...
Once I got there I decided to take the foot path over to these beautiful white cliffs and rocks. The rock is called Old Harry's rock. So I set out up this little path...
Once I got onto the path I found that most of it was lined by wild blackberry bushes. Very tasty! I have an incling as I think about it now that maybe it is not ok to eat them. I saw a lot of other people on the trail....none of them eating the berries. I plead ignorance and really enjoyed them, kind of reminded me of eating blackberries at Aunt Karens old house in Washington.
Here I am at the top of a ridge, you can see the foot path as it runs right along the edge of that big field, can you see all those happy cows on the right. I felt just like Elizabeth Bennett walking through those fields.
You can see the white cliffs in the background. I was happy to see these little sheepies grazing.

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