Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Victoria Falls

Today we went to Victoria falls which as I understand it is the largest volume waterfall in the world. It was totally awe inspiring. Made me feel "how great Thou art". The crazy thing is that the waterfall is on one side of q narrow gorge so the path you walk to see it is probably 100 yards from the falls..... Only thing is that all that spray then comes shooting back up in huge clouds. So as we walked down the path we were basically in this intense down up downpour! Someone else described it as a river backwash downpour. I got 100% drenched. It was the craziest " rainstorm " ever.  Since its the wet season and the water is high we couldn't actually see most of it. Still totally stunning.

We also walked into Zambia over this huge bridge over the gorge. We watched some people bungee jumping. I could have done it for free actually.... But I just really have no desire to do it. It was fun to just spend a little time with the rest of the group too as we had to say goodbye to them this afternoon. I've met a lot of really amazing people that have enriched my life.  Especially the Africans. Sam and Midia and brother Godi were so amazing.

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