Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Braai

Just saw a jackyl
Honey badger

There is the list from this evenings excursion. We all hopped in a big open safari truck and packed our braai stuff which included steaks , sausages, garlic bread and tin foil veggies. We headed out into a safari park and set up a campfire and started cooking our food.... Well corn cooked and we watched in awe. We arrived before the moon rose so we saw a billion stars. We had all almost finished our meal when all of a sudden we heard very close this loud braying sound. We didn't know what it was but Corn just said calmly.... Everyone get in the truck.... Man, we were obedient! We all scurried into the truck and Corn got her spot light and shone it on a large female elephant. She just kept shining the light on her and saying easy now and move on now. She kind of did a mock charge a couple times. And then this whole herd of elephants appeared in the background and there were two elephants braying at each other. After about 5 minutes they got their pack together and moved on. Corn said that it was a pack with lots of young elephants so the matriarch was very protective. She said that the wind was blowing away from us so they probably couldn't hear us and then when she did she was threatened. heart was beating pretty fast.... But it was so amazing to see them up close and hear them braying!!! What an incredible experience! After we packed up and drove off we watched the orange moon rise through the trees and over a herd of giraffes.... Wow this place is amazing!!!

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