Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mana pools.

We spent the morning doing a dental clinic. I handed out pills and watched a little. Tooth extraction is gross! I actually got woozy at one point and had to sit down for a while. Funny that something like teeth extraction would get to me...eeewww. Anyway, while we were holding the clinic in a little school room we saw a bunch of baboons running around outside. Mischevious little bugger' one point we left some car windows open while we were standing by them to leave and one jumped from the clinic roof into an open car window and stole some oranges.... Funny that no matter where you see them.... Monkies have the same personality :) By 2 we were on the road again driving through the national park on to our next destination. As we drove we saw lots of impalas, some storks and even a huge African elephant!!! So amazing!!

So we got on the road later than expected and the gorge we have to pass to be to our next destination is not safe to drive at night so Rachel called in a favor and we are at a safari resort home on lake Carribe right now! Just took a dip in the pool, had some amazing fire grilled steaks for dinner and now I'm headed to bed under a mosquito net on a real bed!! Loving it!

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