Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Camping on the Zambezi

This trip just got a lot crazier.... We left the clinic this afternoon and drove/4wheeled for 6 hours over crazy dirt roads through a wildlife park to the banks of the Zambezi river. We can see Zambia on the other side of this huge river. It's a full moon and there is fresh elephant dung in the camp and we can't go to the bathroom alone because there are hyenas roaming around. Frogs jump out of the toilet every time I flush (but I can flush the toilet!) And there is a hippo right down the embankment that keeps calling out and tons of crocodiles in the river. I'm praying that as Rachel said....nothing will attack our tent! I'll be saying some fervent prayers tonight.

.... forward 6 hours. I fell asleep in one second. I was awake for about an hour during the night and just listening to so many different animal sounds. I wish I had the SoundHound for African animals app or something. Then we all woke up this morning to two lions on the Zimbabwe side and the other answering from Zambia. So we all got up to watch the sunrise. So the sunrises in lion king... No joke... It was the most incredible sunrise I have ever seen!!! And watching it on the banks of the river while we watched a herd of hippos out in the middle of the river. Just the most amazing morning ever!!

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