Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gache Gache

So this morning we got up at 4 am and packed up and got on the road. I realize now why we couldn't do this drive at night.... We have basically been 4 wheeling for the last 3 hours! Very fun! In our car we have been jamming to all my lion king music so its been a fun ride. We just got to this village on lake Karibe and  are getting ready to set up the clinic. Luckily we are staying here for the hopefully I'll get a little more sleep.... Only got about 4 hours last night. forward 12 hours. I've just eaten a freshly caught fish and chips dinner and am in my room at the Eco lodge under the mosquito net with my citronella candle burning. Super excited to sleep! Clinic today was pretty busy. It was held in a local health clinic in a fishing village on the lake. There were tons of people there so it was pretty chaotic. I did a little medical work and mostly spent the afternoon helping Angie with a distribution. We had two big "bales" of clothing and we handed it out to people. At first it felt pretty organized but as it wore on they got more unorganized and bunched up....first time around we tried to give them something that would fit them and then towards the end when the line was coming back around again we were just giving them any item. Angie says they all trade things around anyway. By the time we finished that people were pretty rowdy and crowding.... It was interesting though, the whole time we were handing things out, people were kind of pushing and demanding and then just as soon as we finished they all stood in a circle and sang and danced and were very pleasant. Not sure if that seems to me the best way to help people but it was certainly a good experience. It took us a long time to clean up and get ready to come back so in the dusk of the African sun we had a mini dance party outside the car....loved it ! 

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