Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Angwa clinic

I woke up early this morning due to my never snoring. Ugh... But I did get a c incredible african sunrise. I also got to walk down and see the bush pump where they get their water. Then the local understood me around the clinic. Talk about a jack of all trades! She does it all! Treats malaria. Treats hiv. Delivers babies! She also told me about some of the barriers to getting healthcare. I guess they are afraid of her because she's not from this area. They also have to come from 49 different villages and travel many miles to get here. They have to worry about wild animals! Some of them are farmers now and sleep in their fields to protect from baboons during the day and elephants at night. Which leaves them exposed to malaria. She said they have treated over 1400 cases in april of malaria. They do handout nets that many people use in for fishing. Education is also a problem due to traveling long distances and fear wild animals. So  nutrition and poverty are huge problems. Feeling more and more like I will be the 1 learning hear and not so much the 1 helping. I think it will be an amazing day!

We started at about 730 and just finished at 3....I'm so tired. It was a pretty frustrating day.... I don't know anything about what diseases they have. Malaria, HIV, TB, malnourishment.... I've never dealt with these things before. So I relied heavily on Marvelous, the clinic nurse here for help...which didn't help me to feel that i was at all helping. And the other questions people had were almost all I have pain in my .__________. So I really don't feel that my "expertise" I was helpful at all. But I guess something is better than nothing. As we left we sang I am a child of God for them and they asked me to say a prayer. I'm very tired, but I feel like it was a good day. So we just loaded in the car and have 200 km of bumpy roads until we get to our next destination mana pools national park.

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