Sunday, May 26, 2013


We only have one day in Singapore so we decided to do a hop on hop off bus. Turned out to be a great decision because just driving around and seeing the buildings was so stunning! really interesting architecture here. This is the third richest city in the world. One in six people here is a millionaire! So we saw tons and tons of really nice cars. The car in the picture is a Zonda F. The boys said it was the nicest car they had ever seen. We got off the bus and went into Sim Lim towers which is like technology mecca....6 floors of all electronics....Jason would have been in heaven! We walked down to the waterfront, very stunning skyline. That tall building with the boat shaped thing on too is the sands resort, there is an infinity pool up there....the pictures looked incredible. Then it was back to the airport for us and off to Bali. The airport was pretty awesome as well. They had this really amazing moving sculpture of rain that was constantly changing.....very cool. Excited for Bali!

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