Sunday, May 26, 2013

Leaving Thailand

When we finished climbing we headed back to our hotel from the night before to cool off in the pool before heading to the airport. We mostly stayed in the water because there were tons of mosquitos out. Beautiful setting though! Oh yeah, that little speck by my finger is a tiny frog!! Never seen one that small! Then we headed out to catch a boat to a taxi to the airport. The tide was out so we had to walk over this long stretch of mud and then wade out knee deep into the water and then climb into a long boat....what if I were old! - this operation is crazy. We only had about a 20 min boat ride but once we got on it started raining like crazy! There was a tarp cover but nothing covering the sides so we got soaked. Oh was hot anyway so it felt great. There we were met by a van that drove us about 2 hours to the airport. Not before one last stop though to use the rest of our bhat.....bought tons of treats....should tide us over until Singapore.  We had a ton of water left over when we got to the airport since we bought a huge jug for rock we chugged a bunch and headed off to Singapore!

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