Wednesday, May 29, 2013

On to Tokyo

This morning at 4am we caught a taxi to the airport to start our long journey to Tokyo. I was very sad to leave Bali....could have happily spent a lot more time there....ill be back some day! Caught a 3 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur. We had a five hour layover so we figured we venture into town for a bit. Once we got through immigration and customs we talked to the taxi people and realized we were an hour from downtown which didn't make it worth it so I did get a Malaysian stamp in my passport but only made it as far as the sidewalk outside the airport :) was stunning...really :) so we hung inside and ate another terrible meal at the only coffee shop that would take visa in the airport, discovered a whole bunch of fruit we had never even heard of before at a juice stand. Played 21 AND 31 (pretty sure Daren made that one up) ....for the record I beat him heartily at 21 (yessss) and also discovered that Daren's beard is long enough to stash stuff in (eeeww) Daren and I are both reading epic novels that we like as well (me- gone with the wind and him -counte of Monte Christo) so the time passes quickly. So we walked quite a ways out onto the tarmac to our budget airline and then boarded a 7 hour flight (no tv's -thank goodness I like reading) to Tokyo. Made it with no problems except 2 loud kicking kids behind us that we were lucky enough to escape. As expected this country is spotless - nigh unto Germany. I've never seen so.many options at a toilet so I had to document (bidde front, bidde back, how much water, dryer) I had a hard time finding the flush button. Got some good food finally and headed for the subway to our hostel. My jaw almost dropped when I saw the map. Probably a hundred lines and maybe a thousand stops! Made the London underground look like a toy.....luckily they are helpful and efficient like German's too so there was an attendant to help us find our way and get tickets and a helpful citizen that helped us make it on the right train.  By the time we got on the train it was after midnight and we were stunned at how it filled up as if it had been a 6pm train. Looks like they're pretty hard workers. The guy across the way struggled the whole way....didn't even fight his exhaustion and his neighbors just had to keep elbowing him off their shoulders....pretty funny to watch. Anyways, I'm very excited to be here. It is a world of difference from what we left this morning!

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Grammy said...

Thanks so much for writing. I am loving your travel log