Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Tanah Lot temple

On the way back we got dropped off near this amazing ocean Hindu temple called Tanah Lot. We thought we were pretty close so we got in a taxi and then sat in LA like traffic for an hour and 45 minutes!! Killer! We did make friends with our driver, Ketut. We finally got there after the sun set and ran out there just in time to catch the afterglow which was beautiful. So the temple is only accessible during low tide so we walked out and the Hindu priests had us wash our hands and face in holy water and then put some small pieces of rice on our forehead and put a plumeria flower in our ear. Then we could walk around and just enjoy the fading sunset. There were stairs up the backside so we started walking to the top and about 10 steps up was a gate and a do not enter sign....which is basically a "please enter here,Sir" sign for Daren so he checked it out quickly, there was a small hut on top is all. We found out later that there are poisonous snakes in the caves near there....yikes! Anyway, at this point we were starving and stopped at a local place to grab some food. No disrespect to the local "warung" (name for a local eatery) but this one literally gave me the worst meal of my recollection. Daren had fried weird chicken pieces and mine was a rice bowl with a slat flat worth of msg to the point I couldn't even finish it and Daren wouldn't either (that's pretty bad since he'll eat almost anything). Then we headed 30 minutes or so back to Kuta. Ketut was rocking some good tunes from a bunch of different countries and then some Michael Jackson came on and Katut and I sang "Heal the world" together...we bonded. So glad he was cool since we ended up being in his taxi for a solid 2 hours and 15 mins. Such a greay evening!

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