Thursday, May 30, 2013

Harajuku street

This morning we haeded out for breakfast, at was about 11 since we got in really late last night so we took the desk girls advice and got beef bowls. A very authentic experience. When it came it was my worst nightmare....sketchy meat all over the top. I didn't look and followed the addage I learned on my mission.....chew twice and swallow. Turns out it wasn't bad at all. It was sliced super thin so no chewy parts.....thank goodness. Then we took the train to Harajuku street, which is the heart of the fashion district here in Tokyo. They had a huge mall we went into with about 6 floors of shops and on the top was this beautiful rooftop garden and sitting area. We sat and had a snack and enjoyed relaxing. This cheeky little bird tried to swipe my scone....nope! Like a Japanese squirrel :) then we walked through some of the smaller streets and shops. Found some unique ones. Cell phone cover shops and dog clothing shops mixed in with clothing shops. I must say that I really like all the men's fashions I've seen here but the women's are all a little too frilly for my liking. Was really fun to wander the streets and window shop though.

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