Sunday, October 31, 2010

Best Halloween Ever!

This is my best Halloween ever! All my siblings were in town as well as cousins and friends. Who could ask for anything better!

Friday night we went to the boat dance here in San Diego. We took a harbor cruise around the San Diego Harbor which has an amazing view and danced the night away. So fun!

Then Saturday Night the midsingles had a party at the Ranch House which is this big old scary building up on the top of a deserted hill, also really great. It was pretty funny to take Andrea and Kelly to a midsingles dance. We really brought our own party and just needed a venue.

I had fun with my costume this year - a little unconventional - I was a voodoo doll. When we got to the party we realized that Darci and I were matching, so she was the one who felt my vengeance....perfect!

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Katherine said...

Man, you weren't kidding when you said you caught up on your blogging.... p.s. you should change your font. It's really hard to read.