Sunday, October 3, 2010

Catching up with Suzanne

Daren had to fly back to SLC today so he dropped us off in the city and we met up with Suzanne in Golden Gate Park.
Here she is with her boyfriend who she met at the grocery store....hehe....and seems really great. We went to a Van Gogh exhibit at the art museum. It was really incredible.

Then we went and had dinner at the Boudin bread factory at Fisherman's Wharf - so amazing! I think bread is my favorite food.

Then we walked over to the Ghiradelli Factory and got the yummiest sundae. Most of our tourist activity in SF included food, which was marvelous!! It was really great to catch up with Suzanne. I love catching up with close friends like her because it's like you can pick up right where we left off - no time lost. Love that girl!

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