Saturday, September 18, 2010

San Diego Triathalon

Bright and early this morning I headed down to Point Loma for my very first ever Olympic Triathlon. 1 Mile swim, 26 mile bike and finishing off with a 6 mile run. Since I have spent the last two weeks in Peru, I am feeling a little nervous about my performance. Here is my transition area. All set to go!

I put my wetsuit on right next to a 70 year old lady....awesome! Decided today that I want to be able to do a triathlon when I am 70. Goal set!

Kate was amazing and came down to cheer me on and document my progress.

The run portion was particularly difficult because after getting off my bike it took about 3 miles for my legs to stop cramping. Super painful. But considering my not so extensive training, expected.

I did it!!! It took me about 3 hours and 25 minutes, which was slower than most people, but a lot faster than I thought I could do. I really enjoyed myself. I feel like it wasn't quite as mentally difficult as some other endurance sports since it is three events in one. And more than anything I love doing races for the race day energy. It is so fun to be there with all those other athletes, like the adrenaline is tangible in the air.

Had to take this shot for Dad. He always did this pose in his triathlon gear, and still continues to do this pose pretty much whenever he gets in front of the camera:)

Fantastic support person as well! Thanks Kate!

Caught up with an old friend, Ross, after the race. I ran into him yesterday at the pre race info meeting and he gave me a lot of really great tips. He is doing the Ironman in Kona in 3 weeks. Should have gotten his autograph! His advice was really helpful though. Thanks a million!

After the race I felt fantastic! Well, my body was pretty wasted and I had pretty much just a general ache everywhere, but I was feeling that, you're on the top of the world!!! feeling. I was definitely slower than 80% of the people there, but I was just happy that I could do it. Can't wait to do another one!

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Aileen said...

Holy cow Dennise! That is amazing. You are a hero to us all, and the wind beneath my wings. Someday I hope to do something like that.