Sunday, September 12, 2010

Last Sunday

This morning we went to church. It was great to hear church in Spanish again. I had a lot of mission flashbacks. At one point during the service the bishop asked all the returned missionaries to come up so they could sing "Called to Serve" I sat in the audience thinking that it would be so nice to hear that song.....then Kerry stands up and says...."Let's go"....what!!! So he made me go up with him and sing in the impromptu choir....Turned out to be fun but kind of intense.

After church we met up with the rest of Cecilia's family (who are not members of the church) and went to Cascais - which is a buffet lunch place with traditional Peruvian entertainment where a lot of Peruvians go to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries.

We were obviously a little out of place.....this guy wanted to take a picture with us.

How cute is Isabella!!!! The food was really tasty and it was nice because we could try a little of everything. Excellent!

After we had eaten a little bit the dancing started and they did quite a few traditional Peruvian dances.

Only catch was that after they did each dance the dancers came out into the audience and pulled in people to dance with them.....being the only white girls in the place.....we had to dance after just about every dance. It was fun at first but toward the end we were so full so it was a little hard to dance.

This dance was really fun. Each of the dancers has a little white hankie pinned to the back of their pants. Their partner has a candle and has to try to light their hankie on fire. So, the better booty shaker you are, the more you can evade their candle.

Rosey was the lucky girl that got to try out her booty shaking! She was so good that by the end she had three people trying to light her fire!!!

Here is our whole group. Cecilia's aunt and uncle and two of their kids came with us as well. They were great company.

By now Isabella has warmed up to us and we are great friends!

Then we all drove down to the Peruvian white house.

It is right on the main square in downtown Lima. All the other buildings on the square are bright yellow.
Just a little ways from there we walked to some ancient Peruvian ruins.

After that we went to this really cool water park. It had all these really incredible lighted fountains.

A lot of them were ones we could play in. At first we thought we would just stand here and take a picture.

Then we realized that the goal was to get all the way to the middle. We made it!!! Rosey had some casualties - water shot right up into her face. I had almost made it out when I got a shot of water right in the behind.....totally worth it!

This was a fun one to walk under as well.

They had this really incredible light show. All these water cannons danced to the music and they also showed traditional dances on a spray of water as well. Very cool.

Once we were done there it was time to head to the airport. It felt weird leaving Peru, we had such a fantastic time! And to top it all off we saw Elder Christopherson in the airport!!! We were trying to be discrete and I was pretending to take a picture of Rosey - obviously didn't work out too well. He is there in the background though.
Our flight back home was uneventful. I love coming into the LA airport and seeing the sign that says "Welcome to the United States". Good to be home.

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