Saturday, September 18, 2010


This afternoon a big group of friends got together to play paintball. Random I know but we got this great group deal, so we thought....why not! Kate has her game face on already.

Here is the whole paintball crew, all trying very hard to look and feel tough. I mean, how could you not feel tough in all that gear.

Here we are on one of the fields post war. The first couple of games we were playing with a team that had a couple marines on it. They were wearing full camo. When we first got there we saw them smoking in the parking lot. One guy had his shirt off and had this big angry welts on his back. They are the kind of guys that eat kids. All I wanted was to not play with them and then of course we end up playing them. So the first few games were over in about 3 minutes. Game over when everyone on your team is hit. They were like snipers! I got shot once right in the hand (which killed!) through this tiny opening between the hay bails I was behind. So finally we asked if we could just play against our own people and thankfully they let us and it was much more fun.

The Hannon Court House

Now we felt super tough. Kate got a shot in the back of the neck in friendly fire....Jenna. I took some hits from not so friendly fire....the snipers. It was really fun, but I may not be running back any time soon.

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