Saturday, September 11, 2010

To Lima

So this morning once again we got up really early and got ready to take off back down the river. We had to get one last group photo though. Such a fantastic group of people!

We got one last beautiful jungle sunrise as well.

The boat ride back down the river was only 3 hours since we were going with the current this time. I really loved riding on the boat and just enjoying the sounds of the jungle one last time. It's so peaceful here. I wish I could take the sounds home - and forget all the bugs that make them.

Once we got back into Porto Maldonado we had some time to kill before we had to get to the airport so we wandered around town a little and found this fruit market.

The girl we bought this pineapple from cut it up for us right then.

We took one of these motorcycle/taxi conversion things back to the lodge to pick up our things before heading back to the airport.

It was quite an experience. It felt very South American here as we saw many families all driving on one motorcycle. I have enjoyed the jungle so much, but I am certainly glad that once we get back to Lima I won't be constantly sweating!

The pineapple was totally incredible as I have found most jungle things to be. Only problem was that while very sweet, it was also very acidic. This was also a huge pineapple. I ate until the acid actually burned a sore on the side of my mouth and my tongue was almost raw.....worth it!

The bananas in the jungle are also delicious. I think I got this whole bunch for about 25 cents. Amazing deal.....all these fruits got us through our excruciating time at the long, and so hot!

Kerry picked us up at the airport and brought us to the home of his wife's (Cecilia) aunt's house which is near the airport. Felt great to get cleaned up and into some relatively clean clothes. Such great hosts!!! They gave us these fruits that I had never even seen before that are all filled with these little green things that have black seeds in side and look like frog eyes....very tasty.

Here we are with Cecilia - we all went out to Barranca which is one of the tourist areas of town right on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Very beautiful! We had some great South American bbq which included blood sausage - yikes! And then walked around a bit and saw some street performers. We watched a spray paint artist here in front of the church for quite a while. Pretty talented people.

We went up on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and which also looks over part of the tourist area. Here is a row of really cute restaurants nestled into the side of the hill. Very picturesque.

Here I am with their little family. Kerry and Cecilia and their little girl Isabella. Isabella was not really sure about us at first, but I think she will warm up to us. She is so cute! Rosey and I were SO tired, we completely fell asleep in the taxi on the way home. We need some jungle recovery sleep.

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Stephanie said...

how fun! Brett and I used to run through Barranca on Saturdays when they'd always have some sort of festival going on....I'm so happy you got to go there!