Monday, February 8, 2010

Sierra Summit

Since I have still not made it full circle back to San Diego, the adventure continues. Today we went to Sierra Summit for some snowboarding. It has been raining a lot here so the snow was perfect, the sun was out, it wasn't too cold. I have been coming here to ski since I was a little girl and these were the best conditions I have ever seen.

Andrea and I snowboarded.

Mom and Dad skiied.

The day really could not have been more beautiful.

You can see mom here tearing up China Bowl, a black diamond. This is the second time this season I have been and I noticed a big difference. It was much easier the second time around which of course made it more fun. I need to start going more regularly. Such a fantastic day!

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Fiagle Family said...

wow every time I go up there its cloudy(ps is been a few years though! lol) how beautiful.So glad we got to see you for a bit! and thanks for coming to my class..just what you love about my house kids to bug you and a work out! haha. I am so planning our big 30!