Friday, February 12, 2010

Santa Barbara Beach Day

California Rocks! (And particularly Santa Barbara) There is a bit of a warm streak going on right now and we were determined to take full advantage of it. Beach Day!

The plan wasn't to swim since the water is anything but warm, but there were some really big swells coming in and they needed to be played in, so we did some body surfing and played in the waves. Once my feet were numb it was pretty comfortable....hehe. What's with the boys side/girls side???

Then we had to warm up and do some hard core sun bathing.

On the way home we dropped into In-N-Out for some excellent hamburgers.

We hung around at home for a while then headed back to the beach to catch the sunset. Is this place for real? I have been coming to this beach since I was a little kid and I am still completely captivated by how beautiful it is!

Got all the ladies together on the lifeguard tower. Regan's sisters Bryan and Leigh came down with her to experience SB charm.....we were all amazed.

As if it could get any dreamier....we walked out on the pier and saw dolphins jumping out on the water, I caught this ones tail as he jumped. Incredible!

After some serious eating we headed to the church where we played dodge ball for a while. We only had tennis balls so the boys had to throw left handed, which leveled the playing field, prevented any bruising and was absolutely hilarious! Go get 'em Bryan.
Pretty much the best day ever! It was just what this sun/family/California deprived girl needed.

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