Friday, February 12, 2010


After we dropped off my stuff in San Diego and slept a few hours we headed to meet up with the family at Disneyland. Truly one of the happiest places on earth!

Kelly and I met Pluto...what a dream!

Most of the happiness of Disneyland is just being with family and being able to feel like a kid all day long.

One of the first things we did was visit the Beast's library where you can take a short personality test and learn what Disney character you are most like. Uncle Preston turned out to be most like the Queen of Hearts.....maybe not completely accurate...haha!

We also went and learned how to draw Pooh Bear at their character studio. Amazing how if you just know a few basic principles it can be really simple.

We also went to see the Bugs Life 3D movie - man we look good!

I had to get a shot with the Matterhorn since I had been to the real one so recently. Disneyland is the reason that mountain is so famous in the states. There was no abominable snow monster this time though since it was closed....

I had to include this picture, not because it is good. I look totally awkward....for a good reason. Just before I took this picture a big group of BYU Lacrosse players walked by and of course we gave them a shout out.....but just as I was taking the picture my mom started telling me I should go over and talk to them and that I was missing an opportunity!!! I had to run away before she started handing out my phone number! Haha!

Once we were all Disneylanded out (not possible) we headed to get some good Mexican food which I haven't had in ages! Thank you Mexican people!

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Patricia Peterson said...

I think you Mom is just trying to help you with your 30 year old goals. What a thoughtful woman!