Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day!!! Jackson is dating this girl Sarah and she brought him cookies while we were away at but then he was sweating it all day because of course he hadn't planned anything for her. Haha!

Instead of having Sunday dinner at home we decided to head to the beach and have a BBQ to make the most of the beautiful day. Fajitas...yummy!
The sunset was amazing as usual.

And it seems that great sunsets on the beach inspire jumping pictures...???

The boys were getting pretty crazy!

Then we headed back to paradise (Preston and Debbie's house) for some tasty!

Jackson came up with a great idea of what to do for Sara (his girlfriend) for Valentines day, so 15 of us piled into the van and headed to her house.

We all secretly decorated her driveway with sidewalk chalk and snuck away. Then Jackson ding-dong ditched her..... he didn't anticipate how long it would take 15 people to get into the van so we were pulling the rest of our limbs in and pulling away as she ran down the street after us. Not exactly romantic but perfect for high school. So much fun!

I included this picture not because it is good, but it does show how voraciously we devoured the cake the Regan made for us, no plates, just forks and I literally had to push my way in to get one bite at the end. The whole cake lasted about 2 minutes. Fred's face also rocks in this pic!!!
My Mom and Dad also came down and Aunt Michelle and Jesse came up so it was great to see them as well. There was a whole lot of love going around this Valentines day.

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