Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seeing the Classics

Today was a beautiful, sunny, FREEZING day! But you can't waste any time in London, so we headed out to tour around. We found this beautifully made snow man just outside the entrance to Hyde Park so we shared some winter lovin' with him.
Can you see that those some of those ducks are swimming but some are just walking around on the ice! The lake is almost completly frozen over except for where all these birds swim continuously. Before we froze completly we went to Harrods, and to Portobello road on Notting Hill as well.

By 3pm we were frozen to the bone so we headed indoors for a little entertainment and saw Stomp. AMAZING! Probably the most profitable show ever. It is in a small theater so no sound equipment needed and they use junk as props for making their music and it is stunning. Used everything right down to the kitchen sink.... very impressive.

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