Monday, January 11, 2010

A Day in Scotland

I unfortunately had to work all weekend, so Jenna did some tours and did her own thing. Then when I got off work on Sunday night the party began. As you can see by my ghostly breath - it is still freezing!

We hopped on a night bus to Edinburgh, Scotland! Nothing like sitting up for 8 hours. Worth it!
We basically did all the things I did last time I was here, and they were all amazing the second time around. We went on a tour of the closes under the city and did the city walking tour. You can see JK Rowlings inspiration for Hogwarts in the background there. We had a great lunch in the Elephant Cafe where she wrote the first two books.
We finished the tour in the city can see the castle there overlooking the park. So stunning.

Once again.....once we finished the tour we were popscicles, so we headed to the theater to see Avatar. Neither one of us is a big sci fi fan, but we kept hearing rave reviews about it, so we decided to give it a 3D none the less. I am not converted to sci fi, but we were entertained.
Night bus that night back to London - second night sitting up on a bus is always worse than the first. Worth it!

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