Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Jenna's Here!

Yeeeeooowww! As Jenna would say! So fun to have her in town. We decided to start the trip out with a bang and head to the west end for a show. We got an unexpected "bang" as we left my house to head in to town. This group of kids was out enjoying the newly fallen perfect-for-snowballs snow. They started lobbing snow balls at we took of running. We quickly realized that they were following us and that we would have to make a stand. We found a van to hide behind and started making ammunition. It turned out to be a pretty sorry snowball fight as no one actually got hit by a snowball, but they were flying like mad! Haha! Anyway, we had fun playing in the snow.

Also, you may notice that Jenna is wearing my clothes....she got here ok, but her luggage wasn't so lucky....lost in Canada....

We went and saw blood brothers which is currently starring Ginger spice from the Spice Girls. It turned out to be a really amazing show. I cannot recall a movie or other show I have seen where I laughed out loud and cried out loud. There is so much tragedy in some peoples lives. I am so grateful for the happy and relatively care free life I am blessed with. So glad we saw it!

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