Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A country Drive

On Jenna's last day here (she got her luggage today...yikes!) We rented a car and headed for the country. First stop....Stonehenge. Not many people have seen it under snow. What a crazy place! When we rented the car, the guy at the desk found out that we were going out there and said that there was this crazy religious group out there that was always chanting and singing. He said he thought they were Mormons. Well, we set him strait on that one...hehe....and looked for any chanting (which would have seemed oddly appropriate) but no luck.

Then we drove on through the country, really beautiful snowy drive over to Laycock village, i.e. Meryton, and checked that out. The drive itself was really great, and it was fun to just hang out with Jenna and catch up on the last few months.

Finished off the night by seeing one of my favorites, Les Miserables. I saw it less than a month ago, but I still really love the music, and I am not piecing the story together in its entirety. So it was a quick trip for Jenna, but we had a blast!


Nichole said...

wow, that is so neat!

Patricia Peterson said...

I LOVE Les Mis....how very wonderful to see it in England! I hope that when you come home you might still keep the blog. I'm enjoying your life through your eyes!