Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sherlock Holmes Day

This afternoon I headed to 221b Baker Street to the fictitional residence/museum of Sherlock Holmes.
Mr. Watson was on site so we discussed some cases in the sitting room...hehe. They had tons of memorabilia from all his different books, but I am not a big enough fan to have read them all, but it was really cool to see what an early 20th century house would have looked like. In the books, Sherlock lived there until 1904, so it has been restored to look like a home in that time period, so that was pretty cool.

On the top floor they had wax figures set up in scenes from the various books....creepy!

After I left I found out that Abbey Road was just one underground stop away, so I went over and walked in the Beatles footsteps. I was just realizing as I was there how much those 4 men changed the world. Very cool.

This is Abbey Road Studios, still a music studio today. The Beatles recorded more than 200 songs here.

After that little jaunt I was back on the Sherlock Holmes trail....I met up with Hannah and we went to the Sherlock Holmes pub.

We have so much fun together, we both talk really fast I have noticed when we hang out. We talked about our bucket lists. I have been making sure that I fit in all the important stuff from mine and I made a copy for Hannah.
Hannah had to go to work then, so I went to the cinema and topped off my Sherlock Holmes day seeing the movie. I really enjoyed it...probably more so because I am in London. So fun!

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Bev said...

So fun Denise that you got to do all the Sherlock Holmes stuff and see the movie in London! I loved the movie, those men were some serious eye candy!