Sunday, December 6, 2009


Wells is the smallest city in England. I learned that a city here is defined as any place where there is a cathedral - all the other little places are villages. Emily used to live here so she showed us around after church. This is a quaint, little road leading into town.

The city is all decked out for christmas - life reindeer and all. They didn't look too enthusiastic about the christmas season.

This is the Cathedral, which makes this an official city.

Emily and I just having a little fun.

This is Vicars Close. The houses on this street were built for the vicars that sung in the cathedral in the 1300's!

I am still amazed at how old things are here!

Charlotte followed around this cat for quite a while as here artistic side came out. She had just fallen over, but still got this great shot....hehe.
This house was just really beautiful.

A music hall.

We went into the cathedral while they were having evensong. Choir music is always more stunning in a building like this. I was particularly impressed with the red and blue designs on the ceiling. Very unique.

All the architecture and arches were also very different from any other cathedral I have seen.

Next stop was Bishops Palace. It has been the home to the Bishops of the cathedral since the 1200's.

Allegedly the swans that swim in this mote are trained to ring a bell to beg for food. Wish I could have seen that...

The sunset was beautiful....but a little to early for my liking - its about 4pm.

We took a walking path out into this big open field with sheep - so classically British!

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