Thursday, December 10, 2009

A British Christmas Dinner

Sunday evening we came back and prepaired a traditional British Christmas dinner. They have very different traditions from us suprisingly. This being a very fun one. Christmas crackers. They are these little "tear apart" presents and everyone grabs the end of one in a circle and all pull at the same time. The person who gets the bigger end gets the present inside. I am now the proud owner of a mini tape measure key chain....nice.... It also has a crown and a paper with cheezy jokes and riddles.

Charlotte was very pleased with her jokes and hat.

And then we chowed down. They eat turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce like us at Thanksgiving and supplement that with parsnips, carrot and swede(a potato like thing) mash, sausage wrapped in bacon (low fat I'm sure) and roast potatoes. Charlotte also made mulled wine - no wine involved. It is kind of like our wassal but has grape juice, orange juice, spices and tons of sugar which made it very tasty.

This is their traditional christmas drink....Schloer. You sound drunk just pronouncing the name. It tasts like nonalcoholic wine - not that tasty. Sparkling cider please. So christmas dinner was overall a very exciting and tasty experience.

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csperriton said...

We just had a fake British Christmas dinner tonight! Our activities committee chairperson is from England (I could listen to her talk for hours) and planned a very authentic evening. It was fun!