Saturday, December 5, 2009

Laycock Village

This is Laycock village where Meryton was filmed.
The ball at the beginning of the movie was filmed here.

This is the Laycock Abbey which has no connection with Pride and Prejudice, but was used in the filming of some of the Harry Potter movies.

Thought maybe Prince William would saunter by and meet me half way....hehe

This is the piece used in Harry Potter, don't remember in which one but they are running through these halls. Cool!

Right now it is all decked out as a christmas market.

Next we wandered around town. This pub was built in the 1300's!

This piece of the village was used in the latest Harry Potter movie when Harry and Dumbledoor are walking to Slughorns house. I walked where Dumbledoor walked!

And this is the house where Hagrid came to rescue Harry as a baby in the first Harry Potter. And if you are wondering why my hair is so crazy....I was trying to make it very Hagridlike - sad that I did so well...
After the big tour we went and had a nice dinner at a pub and then headed home. Emily had to babysit so Charlotte and I watched half of Pride and Prejudice and saw all the differnt sights we'd seen in the movie and oogled over Mr. Darcy of course. So fun!

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