Thursday, December 10, 2009

Now it's Christmas

Finally got a christmas tree today. Turned out to be quite a pilgrimage. I found the British equivalent to Home Depot and finally figured out how to get a bus there. I had been on the bus for about 25 minutes, thought I was gettin pretty close when I saw a little market with a guy that was selling christmas in a moment of passion (hehe) I jumped off and inquired. They turned out to be really expensive. So other than get back on the bus and pay again I nievely thought I could walk the last ten minutes to the store. I got "directions" and headed off.

After walking about 15 minutes I asked some Indian guy, who informed me that I was walking in the wrong direction and then asked me to have coffee with I headed back to where I started , paid the extra money to get on the bus and finally got there about 2 hours after I left my house.

After three hours though I got this little beauty home and decorated and I am so happy! Completly worth the hastle.


mslovejoy8 said...

Such a cute story! I'd glad you're able to still celebrate all the holidays while overseas :)

Fiagle Family said...

oh what a cute little tree..i bet fun to take back on a bus too :)

Bev said...

What a cute little tree! It never feels like Christmas until that tree is up, and you made quite the trek to get it. Totally worth it i'm sure :)