Friday, December 11, 2009


I saw this in a tube station the other day - good old Ghandi. Reminded me that I need to stop and smell the roses sometimes.....or maybe it's saying to me....stop smelling the roses of life all the time and get down to business.

Today I went and saw Brighton - known to all Pride and Prejudice fans as being "the place for getting husbands". Unfortunately the regiment wasn't in town, so I had to make do with a beautiful day at the beach and some awesome sights. This is the pier - very classic with all kinds of carnival rides and yummy, fatty, sticky foods. The best part was the beautiful sunny day! I could actually feel warmth on my face through two jackets!

The beach front is really beautiful here. The beach is rocky, but still nice. There really is something relaxing and peaceful about the ocean, it was nice to get back to it. Although you could argure that this was a little more lake-like than other oceans. Every once in a while there would be a wave that would cash on the shore, but usually the water just lapped against the rocks, a very still, quiet ocean.

I went to see the Royal Pavillion, which was built as a pleasure palace by Henry the 4th in the early 1800's. I couldn't take pictures inside, but here are a few I found on the internet.
The building was absolutly stunning! Extremely lavish. This is the main dining hall. 30 guests every night with about 10 course meals over 4 hours. That chandellier is 30 meters tall and weighs a ton. What you can't see is that it is held in the talons of a huge dragon. Very cool.
Here are a few other shots. That's the music room on the left where he would hold his dances and on the top is the kitchen, which was also really cool. There was an audioguide that walked me through each room and explained what took place in each and what life was like in the early 1800's, well for the very rich anyway.
After that I decided to enjoy the sunshine and took a walk all the way to the end of the boardwalk to the marina. Not as many nice boats as the south of france, but still a very nice little marina. Mostly I enjoyed the walk, although it would have been nice to have a friend along to chat with. On the walk back I was kept company by Edward, Jacob and Bella. Yeah....I gave in and am now reading the 3rd Twilight book. After the movie I decided I could like it, and I am. Excellent company!

On the walk back I got to enjoy a true beach sunset over the pier, so absolutly beautiful. I thought about how Grandma Helen would have really loved this one.

You just don't get this kind of thing in the city, it was a really nice escape.

And as the night comes on, everything changes. The pier lit up and was stunning. I kept thinking about how much fun this pier would be in the summer. I'll bet Lydia Bennett would have loved it too....

So I hopped on the bus and headed back into town just in time to drop by Southbank just by the London Eye and see the German Christmas market. They have all these classically German wooden huts set up selling all kinds of crafts and christmas foods. I got myself some mulled wine and enjoyed seeing all the different handicrafts. Fantastic day!

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Patricia Peterson said...

Did you bring a hankie to drop just in case the Regiment WAS in town?? What fun to see things that have been mentioned in books and movies - I love it!