Saturday, October 3, 2009

Last day in Barcelona

Today we went to the MNAC....museo nacional de arte catalonia. The view...again...was amazing.
I can't remember this artists name, but it was really cool to see his work. Up close you could hardly tell what the painting is, and all those little indistinguishable strokes make up this beautiful painting.

Andrea really interacted with the exhibits....

They had this whole exhibit of different frescos taken from some ancient church. They were really cool because there was tons of biblical symbolism in them.

After an few hours in a museum we needed to get a little less culture. So we headed to the beach to check out the Red Bull air races. So fun! They had all these airplanes that each did this same course and in between races they would have jets doing an air show. And even was at the beach! Same beach Justin, Daren and I layed on a few years ago. Amazing!

After the races we went back to the MNAC because they turn on the fountains in the evening. They are a little like the Belagio fountains.

Here we are in front of the fountains. I don't know what it is about water dancing to music, but it really is enchanting.

This is the main fountain, the one that "dances" to the music.

After the fountain show we sat on the steps and watched a really sweet break dance show. What a fantastic night!

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