Sunday, October 4, 2009

All abord the Norweigan Gem

Let the luxury begin!!! The boat was amazing! They had a lot of really nice places to eat, and the food was incredible!!! It was so good. They also had a really nice pool area, gym, climbing wall and bowling alley. Fantastic

We wasted no time getting right down to relaxing. Little nap time on the front of the boat first thing.
In this picture Andrea is holding a Sudoku puzzle. In the Library they had a new one each day. Andrea taught me how to do it and whenever we were bored we would take out our sudoku puzzles. Daren pretended to hate it, but he really liked it secretly.

That evening at 7pm we sailed away from Barcelona.

The sunset was fantastic of course.

Once we got out to see we went up to the front of the ship and sat in these big luxurious recliners and watched the night come on. The sky seems to be more animated at sea.

The ships entertainment was also really great. This guy is from Germany and he could play tons of different instruments. He also seemed to jump around a lot, which made him interesting as well. Great music.

This is a clip of him playing the xylophone whic was his specialty....very animated and very good!

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