Monday, October 5, 2009

Day at Sea

I got up early this morning with the express purpose of getting a good pool chair. Shallow but worth it. I ended up getting the amazing bonus of this fantastic view! I went to the front of the boat and read my scriptures and just soaked up the morning. I really think there is no time as peaceful as the morning.

This was the number 2 item on the daily agenda. Number one was eating, which we did marvelously!

This is our little floating oasis. It was a perfect, sunny, mediterranean day. Layed in the sun, read, swam, slid (down the water slide) and generally relaxed. Just what I needed after traveling for more than a month.

That night they had a "White Hot Party". Andrea and I went and danced into the night under florescent lights with our glow sticks. It is so fun to hand out with Andrea! I feel like I am just getting to know here in so many ways. I like what I see. Although, she does just want to poke me most of the time, a little bit of a Jason repead in that way. Drives me crazy but I love it at the same time. She's a great time.

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