Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This morning we got off the boat in the lovely island country of Malta. Not a tree or a patch of grass in sight so it is just very different beauty than what I am used to. Look how beautiful these little streets are!

We hiked up to the top of the hill where there is this old fort overlooking the city and the bay. The view was pretty fantastic. Suprisingly for October it was still pretty hot.

Check out this shop! There were tons of little stores like this. This is all there is to it, one skinny aisle.
We spent most of the day wandering around town just taking in the city.

We found this local street market and wandered around there for a while. It had a lot of intersting shops but just about every other shop was all underwear and socks. Must be a high demand for them here. Dad was really good to let us do a little shopping, he really has no idea what shopping is all about or why people enjoy it. Thanks Dad!

This was the view as we pulled away from the city. It is really pretty in a very "clay colored stone" kind of way.

Once we were back on the boat we had to get back down to the business of sunning ourselves. I am particularly motivated as I know that once I get back to London there will be no more sun for me.

Tonight we ate in the main dining room...which was really nice. Like I said the food is really fantastic. We have all gotten into the hapit of ordering a coupe appetizers a couple entres and a couple desserts. Tonight, Daren was really hungry but he only ordered 1 appetizer. I got two and Dad ordered three...haha. Thing is that they don't bring dinner until all the appetizers are finished. I ate my two but then tried dad's third and it was really good so I asked the waiter for one....Daren almost punched me!
After dinner we discovered that we could get hot chocolate. Turned out to be the richest, yummiest hot chocolate we had ever tasted!

Tonights entertainment was a magician. His tricks were pretty incredible, and more than anything he was just a really eccentric guy. I think he is Italian but speaks about 6 other languages. So everything he said he translated into Spanish, German, Italian and French. Needless to say he spoke really fast.
The main thing I remember about him was that whenever anyone answered correctly or he did something good he would kind of squat over and put his arms in a square and pump them up and down saying "Yes, Yes, Yes" haha! You really had to be there for that one.

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