Thursday, October 1, 2009

Barcelona Highlights

On day one we caught the best of Barcelona. Top of the list is the Guell Park designed by Antoni Gaudi. He was particularly inspired by nature, so a lot of his architecture is really unique and cool.

Most it was just great to be in good company. LOVE the fam!

This picture didn't turn out particularly well...but the story must be told. My dad found that ball he is holding stuck behind a car tire. Spent the rest of the afternoon rolling it down hills and entertaining himself....haha! He's really just a big kid.

Next stop was the Sagrada Familia, also designed by Gaudi. He died before it was finished so it is still heavily under construction. When it is finished it will have about 5 more towers that will be twice as tall as these ones. It's really impressive as is, but it will be incredible when it is finished.

Each facade of the church represents a different phase of christs life. This one represents his birth.

This one with the angular shapes and ghostlike figures represents Christs atonement and death.

Inside was a legitimate construction zone, but was still really stunning.

I particularly loved the stained glass windows.

We got to climb up the towers. It was about a million steps on this skinny spiral staircase. The view was fantastic!
We got a lot of vistas of the city today. Dad loved every one of them and never wanted to leave.

The doors of the church are particularly interesting. They are covered in carved words with important words about christ highlighted in gold. Really beautiful.

From there we walked down the ramblas and spent some time in McDonalds waiting out a rain storm and then headed down to the marina to check out the boats. Great day!

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