Saturday, October 10, 2009

Antibes, France

This morning when we got off the boat we took a bus into Antibes. It is a quaint little town where Picasso spent much of his time. of my favorite things...quaint little walking streets lined with all kinds of shops.

We headed to this little local market. These have also been a favorite with us. It was kind of like a random outdoor department store. Seems like a lot of people shop like this here.

This was one of those times that I wish I was a great photographer and could have really captured this old man sitting with his dog.

We wandered through this really incredible food market as well. They were selling all kinds of meat, and fancy cheese as well as all kinds of fruits and vegtables. It is always fun to be somewhere local.

Dad and I bought some fancy cheese and sausages for his office. French cheese really is pretty fantastic stuff.

From there we wandered down into the port where we saw some of the most incredible yachts. This city is really close to Montecarlo....the playground of the rediculously rich, so the boats were out of this world. This one for example has a garage on the side. How can I get my hands on one of those!

There is the Norweigan Gem - our home for the last 7 days floating tranquilly in the warm Mediterranean. What a fantastic adventure!

That night we made sure to really enjoy the ship, the food and eachother. We went to the closing show and at the end of the show they had a bunch of the staff come out. This man here was pretty much the celebrity on the boat. Each morning as we walked into the eatery he was there with a spray bottle of antiseptic wash saying in a high pitched phillipino accent..."Happy, happy, washie, washie" You could hear him when you were coming up the hall. It was really funny, and always made you smile. Almost every entertainer made reference to him. He got the grandest round of applause of all.

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