Friday, October 9, 2009


We had to take the train to Florence this morning. This is what went down. We all get on but there are not enough spaces for us all to sit together so we all spread out. Dad is pacing trying to find a spot for us all. We told him not to worry about it but before we could protest he was gone. A few minutes later he came back and made us all move to a car where he found space for us. He ran ahead to make sure it was still open and here he is waving us into the "perfect spot" Dad, you are the best!

The first thing we saw in Florence was this huge cathedral. We didn't go in, but the outside being deocorated in white and green marble was really incredible. We saw similar architecture in many places in the city.

Next stop was the David by Michaelangelo. It is David as in David and Goliath. He has the sling over his sholder and is holding the rocks in his hands. He is huge! It was really impressive to see in real life.

Next Daren and Andrea and I ran over to this church where many famous Florentines are buried. Mom and Dad waited in this huge line to get into the Uffiizi Art Gallery.


Michaelangelo. Machiavelli is also buried here, but they were doing some renovation so it was all covered with scaffolding.

At the Uffizi Gallery we saw tons of really amazing art by all the greats. Michaelangelo, Leonrdo, Rafael (kind of sounds like a list of the Ninja Donatello though). This is a self portrait of Rembrant van Rijn.

I really liked this one, I can't remember now who even painted it, but it is Mary and Martha having an intimate conversation. So tender...and the colors are so vibrant as well.

When we finished there we really had to hurry to get back to catch the train back to the boat so we were booking it. Daren was reveling in the fact that he was number one. Nice work little bro!

As the afternoon wore on it got cloudier and drizzlier. Eventually the wind and the thunder and lightning picked up. Dad bought us this sweet umbrella earlier in the day and good thing he did because while we waited for the bus to come and take us back to the ship it started pooring! We didn't all fit real well, but we sure tried. So fun!

We got back to the boat and headed to eat dinner in the dinning room. We almost always got a seat by these nice windows at the back of the boat.

The sky was absolutly amazing!

That night was the big dessert night. All kinds of chocolate creations including this chocolate colloseum.

And some amazing ice sculptures too. Honeslty though though, the dessert at dinner was way better.

Later on that night we went to the 24 hour cafe where dare discovered that he could get chicken wings. He was a very happy boy. To be fair, we all enjoyed those wings.

This is the quite before the down pour.

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