Saturday, September 12, 2009


After our drive around the ring of Kerry were faced with the nightly task of finding a place to stay. As we are all out of work for the time being you can imagine that our budget doesn't allow for too much. So we drove for quite a while in search of somewhere reasonable to stay. We had tried several towns with no luck and then cam across Tarbet, a little town just on the bay. You can tell from this picture that we were pretty excited to find this place for only 15 euro a night per person (that's a pretty good deal).
Once we got settled there we headed out on the "town". This town only had 2 pubs on it's two streets. So first we went to this on. We got a kick out of the fact that it was called the Swanky. there was an older man there tending the bar and he spoke really fast. We honestly had no idea what he was saying to us at all. In the morning we told the people we were staying with about him and they knew him and said they could barely understand him. We stayed there for a while then went to the other put in town, the Anchor...
That is where we met Frank the bar tender. We got into town late saturday night and the internet cafe was closed and there was no where with wireless. So I was trying to think of a way to find a church near by. So I asked Frank if there was a pay phone in town. I figured i could call home and have mom find one for me. No pay phone either, but Frank said that if I made it quick I could use his phone. So I called, an no one answered of course. Frank gave me the number to his pub. After a while we left and went across the street to the only hostle in town, we happened to be the only people there at the time, which I guess would make us the only visitors to the town that day. Anyway, my mom called Franks pub and talked to him for a minute about cities near by. So the closest church was over an hour Frank told my mom to call back in 5 minutes and that he would go get me. So at about 1 in the morning we hear these rocks on our window. At first we were all really freaked out, but finally after three rocks we looked out and saw Frank. He said my mom would call back in a few minutes. Ha! So I went back to the Pub adn he showed me into his kitchen in the back and I got to chat with my mom and dad and Andrea for a minute. How nice!!! The Irish people have all been really friendly, but Frank was one great example of small town hospitality. I saw him walking home from church the next morning and stopped him so i could get this picture with him. Hope I can be more like him.

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