Sunday, September 13, 2009


Doolin really isn't much of a is more like a bunch of houses spread out over the valley and a few hostels and pubs here and there. The man that runs the hostel ran a walking tour each night of the archealogical sights in this little valley, for FREE! That is something we like so we went on it.
Only catch was that we rode out there with other people staying at the hostle in the trailor behind his car. At first we were all just standing up and chatting, but before too long we could see that scaring the tourists was the fun part for him, so we sat down and hung on for dear life.

He showed us a bunch of these rock walls that were built in the 1800's to fence in the cattle. They are made strictly of rocks, no mortar or anything holding them together. Amazing that they are still standing so well.
He showed us a bunch of rock formations that were the ancient remnants of homesteads and some of the structures that were built the movement of glaciers. All that was interesting but my favorite part was getting to watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean.

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