Saturday, September 12, 2009

Ring of Kerry

Road trip day! Today we drove the Ring of Kerry which is this big loop around a peninsula with really spectacular views. This has been our chariot for the last week. Good little car. I am getting better at driving stick shift, still not smooth or anything though. So we have been lurching all around the country
This is one of the beaches we stopped at. Aparently there are a pod of whales that call this area their home, but we didn't see any signs of them
When we were leaving that beach this was the little road that we took up the hill. Thankfully no one was coming down. I have no idea how we would have passed on that tiny road with a cliff on one side!
Later on in the day we hiked out to these cliffs over the ocean, just a little ways from the road. You always feel pretty small standing on something like that.
Toward the end of the drive we came by this beautiful little harbor and tiny town. Looking at these pictures now they are really so unremarkable compared to what I saw on that overlook. That is the case with most of the pictures I have posted. It is really impossible to capture even the essence of this place on camera. It is so stunning in real life!

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