Friday, September 11, 2009


It was a pretty busy day! We ended our trip by coming in to Kellarny. Now this was not the way we would typically be greeted in a small town, but hey it was pretty nice. We keep running across these crazy festivals. This one was called the Cannonball Run. It is a road rally of really nice cars to raise money for hospice. We happened to end up in the line up (the only way through town) We didn't think anything was weird until we got to this point and when we got to that banner up ahead we were announced as three blonds that were lost. It was pretty funny. I really should have revved the engine of the renault and had the girls stand up in the sun roof!
Here is just one of the cars in the line up. Daren and Jason you would have loved it! I saw tons of nice Mercedes and Bentleys and Jags and a bunch of other stuff you guys would have been able to identify. Really fun to see all the fancy cars though.

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