Wednesday, September 23, 2009


When we were done laying around on the beach and it was getting a little colder we headed over the hill to the little village of Lulworth by way of this foot path. I really wish i was a better photographer, these pictures really do not capture how beautiful this little place is.
We wandered into this little old school candy shop in town. The owners were outside on the patio so we took the thought I was going to say taking some candy...didn't you!....of taking pictures behind the candy counter. We got some amazing fudge there.

Then we started back to Bournemouth. The drive was really amazing as well. We drove through a little village with a bunch of these thached house roofs - this one had a particularly beautiful garden.

Dreamy!!! I think my Mr. Darcy must live here. Can you imagine!!! Someone actually lives here! This place is so enchanting.

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