Friday, September 25, 2009


Remeber this park family! It was so fun to walk these streets and think of the good times we had here! We also got to explore a little more than we did when we were here before. Fantastic!
Today we made a visit to Bath. What a beautiful place! Our first order of business was to take a boat tour of the river running through town. Fantastic!

The ducks on this river are kind of like pesky squirels in Zion's national park. If I wasn't careful this little guy would have had my finger for sure. A little further down the river we ran into two big swans. We were not that far off the water and I was honestly a little nervous. I was just remembering some bad experiences at Plaza park with the geese there. The boat driver said that they are pretty agressive and have definitly bitten people before.

This is the view from our little river boat. We were lucky to find some local guy that has been taking people down the river for 23 years on this little boat. So we got this personal boat tour all for 5pounds. Excellent.

This was the end point of our private boat trip. That bridge there is a private bridge. Costs 40 pence to get across each way. The boat drive estimated that they took in several thousand pounds a day. I should get myself a bridge!

We dropped by the pump room of the roman baths and had some stinky sulfer water and I am sure we are all cured now. This is Josh. I live at this house right now. He is an american army kid working over here right now.

This is called the Circus.....maybe that is because it is "circu"-lar. Not real sure. Nothing particularly crazy was going on.

This is called the Royal Crescent. A huge crescent of Georgian style homes around this big beautiful park.

So here's the crew that went to Bath. Josh, Charlotte and I. What a fantastic day!!!

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